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Proximity Wifi toggles your wifi radio on or off based on your proximity to access points you have connected to.
This allows you to save battery when your not near any of the wifi access points you use.
It also allows you to save data usage on your phone by ensuring wifi is on when you are near an access point you have used before.

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Enable the Proximity Wifi service.
Once its running connect to your wifi.
Click the Check Wifi button.
You will see a message stating a new wifi has been saved.
Note: If an automatic check happens while you are connected to a wifi it will be added as well.
You can view a list of saved wifi's by selecting AP List under the menu.
You can long press on a wifi entry to delete or toggle if it should be used.
If an entry is red it has been disabled and will not be used for wifi toggle.


The service uses Cell Tower ID's to determine if you are near any of your saved wifi locations.
Because an area can be serviced by more than one Cell Tower, several ID's could be used / listed on the AP List page.
If your wifi area has more than one Cell Tower in it you may need to manually turn on your Wifi and click the Check Wifi button so the new tower location can be learned.
The area serviced by a tower can be quite large. Just because you are in the area of a tower does not mean are are close enough for your wifi to connect.
If the "Disable wifi if not connected" option is enabled, the service will check 3 times for a connected wifi before disabling wifi to save power.


Some locations may be serviced by allot of towers which may make this app not very good at determining your location.
This is not a bug. This app depending on your location will work better for some people than others.


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