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SMS Auto responder allows you to mute and send an auto response back to incoming SMS messages.
You have the ability to white list names or phone numbers.
White listed SMS are not responded to or muted.

Change Log:

Hint: if you dont want the app to respond to every message such as those from facebook, use the whitelist feature.


Permissions that are used

Can't purcase from the Android Market?
The cost is $0.99 USD
To use PayPal simply fill in your full number with area code of the android device below and
the email address you would like the registration sent to then click Buy Now.
Your phone number will only be used to generate the registration key.
Your email will only be used to send the registration key info.
Your info will not be sold or used for solicitation.
Your registration email will be sent to you within 24 hours.
The registration file is only valid for the device with the number specified.
Simply copy the attached file to the root of your sdcard and your done!

Full Phone #
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