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Lost My Droid (LMD) is a tool to locate your lost or misplaced android 2.x device via SMS.
You can have the phone ring or send its GPS location back.
If GPS is not available cel tower location will be used.
What sets LMD apart is ease & security.
You can have a pass phrase for each function and an access list for contact names and numbers.
Want to send back a fake location? Dont like ads?
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Quick start

The quickest way to get started is do the following.
Open LMD
Press your menu key and select GPS
Make sure Enabled is checked.
Uncheck Use Access Control List
Make note of the current pass phrase the default is:

Now use a second phone and send your phone a text(SMS) message with the pass phrase in it.
Note: The pass phrase is case sensitive so if GPS ME is all upper case then you must enter it in all upper case.
Alternately you can use an instant message client like AIM to send your phone a message.
Within 2 minutes you will be sent back the location of your phone.
Please see a description of all the options bellow to see how to customize the functionality and security.

Change Log:

Access Control List (ACL)

Any source requesting your GPS location must be in this list if Use access control list is enabled.
An ACL entry consists of a Contact Display Name or Number.
A Contact Display Name is the name you see when browsing your contact list.
The incoming number must ether match the number entered or belong to a Display Name in your contact list.
You can remove and ACL entry by long pressing on it and selecting Delete.
Note: if you are upgrading from 1.0 or 1.1 your access list will look diffrent. All info is still there.
Enabling / Disabling Services
Use menu key to bring up main menu and select ether GPS or RING.
Put a checkmark in Enabled to turn service on.
You must have a pass phrase entered to enable a service.

Pass phrases

It is recommended you change the default pass phrase for security.
The pass phrase will trigger if its seen anyware in an SMS message.
If case sensitive is checked and your pass phrase is "GPS ME" it will not be triggered if the SMS contains "gps me".
The upper and lower case letters must match when case sensitive is selected.

GPS Info

A GPS location will only be sent when it has got 3 GPS locations with an accuracy of less than 20 meters.
The GPS request will try to get a valid GPS location for 2 minutes before giving up to save battery.
If GPS is disabled or a fix cant be had, then a tower location will be used.
This will at least give you a general location of your phone
The map label will specify ether GPS or TOWER depending on the location method that was used.


Activates when its pass phrase is seen.
The phone will be un-mutted and volume turned all the way up.
The phones default ring tone will be played for the set duration.
The phone volume and mute state will be returned to the state it was in before the Ring request.

Common Options

GPS Config

RING Config

Permissions that are used

Can't purcase from the Android Market?
The cost is $0.99 USD
To use PayPal simply fill in your full number with area code of the android device below and
the email address you would like the registration sent to then click Buy Now.
Your phone number will only be used to generate the registration key.
Your email will only be used to send the registration key info.
Your info will not be sold or used for solicitation.
Your registration email will be sent to you within 24 hours.
The registration file is only valid for the device with the number specified.
Simply copy the attached file to the root of your sdcard and your done!

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